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The Great Reset brings tools to organizations looking to help their members discuss difficult subjects with respect and humility. 

Our Partner Portal offers innovative organizations like yours a monthly subscription that includes:

  • Moderator training for up to 3 individuals
  • A library of moderator discussion guides for use with small groups.
  • General training on how to have a civil conversation with someone who has a very different point of view. Ideal training for all of your members.
  • Online polling/surveying tools for your moderator(s) and participants to prepare them for the conversation.
  • Scheduling tools
  • Communications guidance, including emails for organizations to use as they build participation within their organization
  • Ongoing technical and customer support

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It feels like we’re all divided right now, but through discussions with my neighbors both near and far I’ve discovered we have much more in common than what’s reported in the news.

- TGR Host