Our Mission

The Great Reset is a series of open and respectful conversations about important current topics of interest that bring people together around an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

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Our Story

It’s been said, “strangers are only friends we have yet to meet.” We’d love to meet you so permit us to tell you a little bit about ourselves. 

Two years ago, The Great Reset began as a wish of our founder, Kalinda Fisher, to have civil conversations with people at a time when only surface speak was conducted in what was becoming a volatile, politically charged period in our history. She noticed people could not converse for any length of time without a change in tone, as people felt challenged or threatened if they spoke their views. A Social Media invitation to join in conversation at her dining room table resulted in an outpouring of people interested in “talking.” After the one time they gathered, it turned out they wanted more conversations about heretofore tough conversations (opioids, suicide, health care, racial inequality, etc.), hence The Great Reset was born.

Within a year, while meeting monthly, conversation tables sprung up in states around the US. Nashville’s Channel 5 came on-site into Kalinda’s dining room, filmed, and aired what they saw, leaving the often-asked question, what next? Realizing the people all over want to be heard, want to be respected, and want to have their say about what they believe in a safe, humble environment, TGR has now become a not-for-profit making conversations to anyone wanting to become involved, either as hosts or participants.

Our Values


TGR offers a candid, relaxed, unintimidating setting for individuals to share beliefs from all sides of the table.


TGR is based upon the premise that conversations can be civil and informative when all parties agree to give each other dignity.

Mutual Respect

TGR requires that participants treat one another with deference and decency borne out of a mutual desire for civil conversation.


TGR, through kindness and grace offered to one another, creates a family who, as all families, may not totally agree, but give each other a platform to speak and to be heard.


TGR believes that its participants will be free to converse with consideration for others feelings, concern for their emotional well-being and charitable thoughtfulness.


TGR participants learn to listen and look for the nuances in others’ conversations, reading body language and facial expressions, which written words alone cannot express. This opens the door for them to be empathetic to the other person’s point of view, whether they agree or not.


TGR becomes a united community of people who are willing to learn and grow and discover community through conversation.

Our Communities

Participants in our community roundtables come from across the U.S. and the World, with representation from Colombia, France, Italy, Kenya, Rwanda, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Participants in community roundtables come from all over the U.S. and the World

Meet The Team


Alison Williams

Alison is a connector by nature. Bringing people together and bridging ideas across cultures and communities has always been her strong suit.
Angela Curtis

Angela Curtis

Sounding Board

Angela Curtis is founder and President/CEO of Braav, LLC. She manages the daily operations of the company including evaluating procurement and consulting opportunities, formulating project teams, performing on contracts and attracting private capital.


Jones is a lover and a trouble maker, currently a grassroots mobilizer for the HRC. They are committed to building a courageously inclusive community and action rooted in values.

Cris Ann Bain-Borrego


As an independent market researcher, Cris makes a living by ensuring that all voices are heard, a passion that is both professional and personal!

Delaney Fisher-Cassiol

Hello! I’m Delaney Fisher-Cassiol and I serve as one of the Resource Library Coordinators.

Andy Bryan

Hey, my name is Andy, I am a Resource Library Coordinator. I am a student at Agnes Scott College with a major in psychology.

Carol Fisher

Community Outreach

Carol Fisher lives in Ellicottville, a lovely resort town in the Southern Tier of Western New York, with her husband /30-year partner, Dennis Linn, and her zany 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Abby Rose.

Jeff Gartner

Jeff Gartner and his Gartner & Associates marketing and community research firm (Cincinnati) help organizations bring the voices of their customers, staff and community into their branding, identity, and product/service plans.

Teresa Faust

General Manager

Teresa Faust is Senior Manager, Research and Metrics at United Methodist Communications, the communications agency for The United Methodist Church.

Stuart Tutler

Development & Fundraising

Stuart’s career spans several industries including technology, insurance, healthcare, transportation, education, and real estate. 

Michele Aymold

Marketing & Communications

Michele is a persuasive leader experienced in managing all aspects of marketing and communication strategy.

Kalinda Fisher

Founder, Executive Director

After earning a master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Buffalo and working in the advertising industry, Kalinda Fisher started Advocate Market Research Bureau in Western New York.


Who participates in a conversation?

We welcome participants of all ages, ethnicities, political persuasions, sexual orientations, religious views, etc.  Our participants share a desire to have open, respectful discussions and hear a variety of perspectives on a topic.  

How long is a conversation?

The average conversation is about 90 minutes. 

How many people participate?

We try to keep the group to not more than 6, for optimal listening and exchange of perspectives.

What is a typical conversation like?

Conversations occur on a virtual platform once a month. Each conversation has a moderator who facilitates the conversation with a discussion guide developed for the specific topic. The moderator welcomes participants and outlines conversation guidelines to set expectations for the group. The moderator will ask open-ended questions and encourage discussion. At the conclusion of the conversation, participants will receive a thank you email and a request to share a brief testimonial (optional) about their experience. 

Do I need special technology to participate in a conversation?

Our conversations take place on our partner’s platform, called Kazm. Kazm is similar to Zoom but has been created purposefully for face to face conversations. You will have the ability to turn off your camera when you participate, if you choose, but we hope you will not. 

Do you record the conversations?

We do record the conversations for the purposes of internal learnings. Further, on occasion something is said that encapsulates a topic, or the mission of The Great Reset perfectly and we will, at those times, ask the participant directly if we can share. If you choose not to have your comments shared, we will not. 

What can I expect when I register for a conversation?

Upon registration, you will receive an email asking you to RSVP to the conversation. Subsequently you will receive an email with the meeting link. You will also complete a brief pre-conversation questionnaire. The information from this questionnaire is used to create diverse groups of people as well as to better understand participants.  This questionnaire is also an opportunity for you to get a better sense of the trajectory of the conversation so you feel better prepared to participate, fully. 

Do I have to prepare for a conversation? 

No formal preparation is necessary, although some conversations include optional reading materials. We simply ask that you bring a positive attitude and listen with respect and speak with humility, two foundational pillars of The Great Reset.  

Is The Great Reset a for profit organization? 

No. The Great Reset is a charitable organization, a 501c(3). Please feel free click on ‘Donate’ if you are interested in supporting our effort to keep the conversation going.

How did The Great Reset begin?  

The Great Reset started with a simple discussion around a dining room table. Our founder, Kalinda Fisher, was concerned by the increasing volatility and anger in our civil discourse. So, she sent an invitation via social media, inviting folks in her town to gather around her dining room table for a conversation. After the one time they gathered, it turned out they wanted more conversations about heretofore tough topics (opioids, suicide, health care, racial inequality, etc.), hence The Great Reset was born. For more information, see “Our Story” on the About page.

How do you select which topics you will discuss? 

Our programming/curriculum team gathers regularly to identify key issues, cultural trends, news stories, and concepts that are relevant to our participants. We also review topic suggestions submitted by our participants.  If people are talking about it and it’s important, you can find it at The Great Reset.

Who are the conversation moderators?

Our conversation moderators come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are professional group facilitators. Some are conversation participants who decided to become more involved and become trained as a moderator.. 

Can I request a speaker from The Great Reset?

Yes. Please make a request on our Contact page.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved is as easy as clicking a button. You can register for an upcoming conversation on our Events page. 

Can I submit a topic for discussion? 

Yes. You can submit a topic for discussion on our Contact page. 

How often do you have a conversation?

At minimum, we have one conversation per month. Periodically, we have two conversations per month. 

Can I bring The Great Reset to my organization? 

Yes. We have a Partner Portal for subscribers. Please reach out on our Contact page. 

Where is The Great Reset?

The Great Reset is an online resource, so we’re basically everywhere! It is free to participate in our discussions. Anyone with an open mind and online or telephone access can participate. The Great Reset headquarters are located in Franklin, TN.

How does The Great Reset afford to offer these tools and resources? 

As a 501(c)3, tax-deductible charitable organization, we rely on donations.

Can I support The Great Reset?

You can support us by spreading the word, participating in a conversation, sharing our content, and donating. Your tax-deductible donation allows us to further these important conversations with people all over the world. Please see our Donate page. 

What if I can’t afford to donate to The Great Reset?

You can still make a difference by participating regularly in our conversations and spreading the word.  Follow us on FacebookYouTubeInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn. The most important thing you can do is share our content and spread the word about us.

Is The Great Reset global?

Yes, we have conversations with people all over the world. In fact, we dedicate four conversations a year to our global participants. 

Are you related to The World Economic Forum?

No, we are not related to The World Economic Forum. In June 2020 The World Economic Forum named their 50th annual meeting “The Great Reset”, bringing together high-profile business and political leaders with the theme of rebuilding society and the economy following the COVID-19 pandemic. We launched in 2018. Our goal is to cultivate community through conversations.