Bring the Great Reset to your Organization

For a nominal donation, we’ll bring our Community Roundtables to you! You select the topic, nominate discussion moderators and we’ll provide discussion guides and support to help you have meaningful conversations.

Having trouble opening up conversations on relevant issues of the day?

The Great Reset can help you and your community, team members, co-workers or fellow students simply brush up on your conversation (and listening) skills with a 90-minute Conversation. Alternatively, we can guide you through a three-part Conversation Series which will allow you to dig deeper into a topic and even walk away able to effect positive change. Participants of our Conversation Series leave with actionable to-do’s based on their discussion.

Most people are good at arguing, and some are even good at debating. But our society needs to move beyond argument and debate … to genuine conversation and dialogue. All it takes is to truly listen, not just hear another but actually listen to them and be receptive and empathetic of their point of view. How can we expect others to listen to what we say if we are not first willing to truly listen to their perspectives and experiences.

- TGR Team Member