Carol Fisher

Community Outreach

Carol Fisher lives in Ellicottville, a lovely resort town in the Southern Tier of Western New York, with her husband /30-year partner, Dennis Linn, and her zany 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Abby Rose. She raised her three children, including the founder of The Great Reset, as a single parent. Carol is retired from several managerial positions in direct sales, and project manager for the Health Department of the Seneca Nation of Indians. She has owned her own retail store, ran a unique and highly successful one-year stewardship campaign for her local church, regularly served as pulpit supply for thirty + years, including a ten-year campground ministry, single-handedly founded a nighttime in winter “Mardi Gras” parade which, until Covid, endured for over twenty-five years, attended by thousands each year. Carol has worked closely with her daughter, Kalinda, from the onset of The Great Reset, moderated her own, in-person table in her town until Covid struck and presently serves as a Zoom moderator and one of the team leaders for Community Outreach. She is a grandmother of 4, an avid gardener, reader, seamstress, and freelance writer for her local newspaper.