Kalinda Fisher

Founder, Executive Director

After earning a master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Buffalo and working in the advertising industry, Kalinda Fisher started Advocate Market Research Bureau in Western New York. She enjoyed corporate research but desired to work independently outside of a large corporation. This allowed Kalinda to work from home effectively and start a family. This move has allowed Kalinda to tackle projects over many industries. She’s worked with large banks, health insurers, health care providers, race car teams, transportation industries and large religious organizations to name a few. The ebbs and flows of life and career took her and her family to Nashville Tennessee in 2007 where she has been since. Kalinda has become a leader in qualitative research, using Advocate as her vehicle. True to her studies as a sociologist, she exhibits a passion for ways to truly hear the voices of the intended audiences. Kalinda states, “I began Advocate Market Research Bureau to help businesses and organizations through effective market research. We can gain a truer picture of the consumer by, in essence, becoming the ‘voice’ of their consumer, and ultimately their ‘advocate.’”


In addition, her passion since 2017, has been an initiative she launched around her dining room table and quite prophetically named, “The Great Reset.” The Great Reset hosts open, respectful conversations on important current topics; bringing people together to exchange their thoughts, ideas and experiences and to discover community through conversation. Her background as a sociologist and market researcher, along with the defining pillars of The Great Reset, being humility and respect, positioned her well to host these often difficult, and yet relevant conversations.  


As a hobby, Kalinda takes great pleasure in lovingly nurturing her grandmother’s heirloom roses, which are now over seventy years old, and long walks with the family dog, a Briard, named Olive. Her life’s joy is spending time with her husband, Anthony Cassiol, and two college-aged daughters, Delaney and Sophia, who have proven to be her greatest teachers and support system.