SERIES: Immigration

SERIES | Immigration

We host at least one series of three-four related conversations each year. In this upcoming series, we’ll take a look at immigration from a variety of different perspectives.  Join us as we partner with Civic Citizens ( as we dive into the following topics:

The Immigration Process, October 19th (time TBD)

Illegal Immigration, November 16th (time TBD)

Being an American Citizen, December 7th (time TBD)

Living in a Multicultural Society, January 12th (time TBD)

Registration assumes you’ll be available for the majority of the conversations. Register now as spaces are limited. 

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  1. Mike

    I love it. Thanks for having talks on such potentially divisive topics where we can engage in civil conversation (not debate as we are not here to convince others, but to hear their view point. Expand our minds and ideas.) about things that are / can be quite controversial.
    Big emphasis on it not being a debate and being very civil.

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