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About Us


The Start

Started February 2018 around the table in Franklin, TN and brought to communities across the country thanks, in large part, to this story done by Channel 5 News, Nashville: https://bit.ly/2POjCq8 


Where we are now

Thanks to all the hosts and participants across the country we are now in 7 states with upwards of a dozen tables.


Where do we go from here

Bring The Great Reset conversations to your community. Simply complete this short survey and we'll be in touch. We do monthly on-boardings for new table hosts and we'd love to welcome you aboard. 

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Our 'why'


"I love learning from different perspectives. This experience has shown me new views of old dialogs. I've also made some wonderful friends."


"I am part of this movement because I refuse to buy into the National Narrative that we as a country, as a community, are deeply divided on various topics and as such we can not interact or peacefully coexist on a daily basis with those that hold different ideals. It is my strongest belief that we as humans have much more in common that we would be lead to believe, and when we sit down face to face with humbly, respect and love for our fellow man, the created disdain for opposing views melts away. The Great Reset reveals, embraces and fertilizes the commonality of our communities and ultimately, our world."


"I grew up in a home where conversation around social issues and politics was part of daily life. My parents were on opposing sides and had wonderful debates, often at the dinner table that really caught my attention. Their friends would come over and during gatherings would have long conversations into the night that explored all sides of the issues.

As an adult, I had always loved politics and current events and followed them through newspapers and television, and in the last several years through social media. I had become really discouraged and disenchanted with the path our public discourse was on and effectively checked out. I still voted and did my own research on issues but really didn’t feel like I could have meaningful conversations around it anymore. In a world of political correctness and seemingly uncivilized attacks, it seemed pointless to try.

When I saw Kalinda’s post on getting a group together for “conversation” I was intrigued. After the first group meeting, I knew I was in the right place. Four adults with very different upbringings and world views talking about hot button issues was my cup of tea. AND after 1.5 hours of presenting our different views, we were hugging each other on the way out. It could be done!

Outside of those meetings, I began to engage people with different views to truly understand their position. The Great Reset had “reset” me.

I participated in the group for over a year and after each session felt uplifted and encouraged that we, in our own small way, we're making a difference in our world and hopefully in the world of others."

Kristine's Why

"I think this has been really helpful for me, to listen to others' opinions"