June Recap: Parenting

Parenting: Evolving Societal Norms

We discussed how parenting has evolved over the years, from how we were raised as children to how we raise our own children or how our own children raise our grandchildren. 

Here are some quotes from conversation participants:

  • “We’d be better parents if we were grandparents before we are parents.”  (B.K.)

  • “Accommodate their personalities.” (E.F.)

  • “Step back.”

  • “Be a resource not an adversary.”

  • “Know your children. If your child is one who needs to have the last word, know when to walk away.” (H.Q.)

  • “Don’t live vicariously through your children.”

  • “As a parent I know that nothing good happens after midnight.” (T.F.)

  • “This conversation makes me realize that the impact of parenting on whom children become as adults is more profound than imagined.”

  • “Trust your gut.” (E.F.)

  • “Build a relationship.” (E.F.)

  • “Even you toddler at 5 is a person. Treat them as one.” (E.F.)

  • “Show Up.” (C.F.)

  • “Be Present – really present – eye contact and all.” (C.F.)