Seeding the Conversation

I launched what would become The Great Reset three years ago around my dining room table and am so grateful for everyone who has been involved in one way or another. We have grown beyond a table of 4 to over 700 participants, 125 conversations, on over 50 topics across 26 states and 10 countries. We’ve only just begun, but we’ll need your help to continue to grow!

Six months ago we partnered with Mediators Foundation to establish ourselves as a 501c3. This partnership is a welcome reminder that conversation isn’t just important, it’s imperative.

Without conversation, we cannot understand another person’s perspective. If we can’t understand, we can’t empathize. If we can’t empathize, we can’t connect. This sentiment tends to capture most clearly why I continue to be the Chief Encourager of Conversation and Executive Director of The Great Reset. My urgent desire is to bring this seedling to full maturity. It is for this reason that I humbly appeal to you to help seed and nurture that growth.

We now have a team of more than a dozen dedicated individuals who work voluntarily in order to sustain the community roundtables we hold monthly, the global conversations we now host quarterly, and the conversation series we plan to host annually. We have had conversations on everything from ‘Immigration,’ ‘Race, ‘Education,’ and ‘Healthcare’, to ‘Silver Linings of COVID’ and ‘Meditation and Mindfulness’. We run the gamut from the deep to the daily, and we welcome people to join in any of the conversations that speak to them, offer them comfort, or simply bring them joy.

It is with a grateful heart we launch our Seed the Conversation Campaign and I ask you to join in to help us as we continue to work toward conversations which build empathy and community.

I liken this to my own garden, on which I work diligently. I plant seeds and plants, one by one, nurturing and loving them to their full potential. Yet it is the plants that seed themselves, or are seeded thanks to the passing birds, that really bring my garden into being all it can be. While I or our team can seed and spread The Great Reset, it is for all those who join us in spreading the seed more widely that will truly show the potential and lasting impact of The Great Reset.

It is through this act of giving, even the smallest amount—or a generous recurring donation, that you will become a vital part of keeping the conversation going. Please share The Great Reset with five of your connections to help us continue to grow.

Thank you, in advance, for helping us seed the conversation.


With gratitude,

Kalinda Fisher
Chief Encourager of Conversation
Founder & Executive Director